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At CFPE we strive to provide high quality and customized psychological services for the whole family. This includes mental health assessments and individual therapy for children, adolescents, adults, and families. Our registered psychologists are all trained in completing thorough mental health evaluations as well as proven therapy techniques. 

  • What To expect for therapy or counselling:

When we meet with new clients, the initial sessions are devoted to completing a preliminary assessment to determine if we can help for you and/or your family. The first few sessions (sessions 1-3) are typically spent reviewing confidentiality, collecting background information, completing initial questionnaires (if required), and understanding your goals for our work together. The initial assessment also allows you to determine if you feel that the psychologist you are seeing is a good fit. As such, we encourage you to ask any questions you have about our approach. Once we have established your psychological needs, we will work with you to create a suitable assessment or treatment plan. Our psychologists only make use of therapy treatments that are proven to work with the majority of people. We will discuss these options with you prior to starting our work together. 

  • Assessment Services:


  • The assessment services that we provide generally fall within three areas. First, we provide psycho-diagnostic assessments to identify the presence of mental health conditions (e.g., anxiety disorders, mood disorders, trauma reactions). Second, we conduct psychoeducational assessments to review individual learning profiles as required for educational or vocational purposes (e.g., identification of learning disabilities, giftedness, or attention problems such as ADHD). Third, we also provide Autism Spectrum Disorder assessments for individuals 6 year of age, or older (including adults)


  • What to expect: The process of these assessments differs based on the presenting concerns and the purposes for which the assessment is being completed. However, they typically involve the collection of a full history, completion of psychological measures or tests, and participation in at least one clinical interview. At the end of the assessment, clients are provided with feedback on the results and recommendations. Depending on the purpose of the assessment, a written report may be prepared that would describe the assessment process, findings, and recommendations.

Important Information Regarding The Use of Psychological Services Online