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Dr. van Stralen is the medical director of the Center for Pediatric Excellence. Working as team, the physicians and child and youth counsellor see patients, in consultation when referred by their family doctor or primary care provider. Dr. van Stralen is responsible for initial diagnosis and treatment plans but other physicians may be involved in implementing the treatment plan and follow ups. Dr. van Stralen also has a child and youth counsellor who assists with both assessment and treatment. Assessments include clinical interviews and the completion of a number of questionnaires. In most cases it is also beneficial to receive information from the school including, when available, questionnaires, report cards, individual education plans, IPRC and if done psychoeducational assessments. Treatment plans may include things such as recommendations for further diagnostic assessments, counselling and/or parenting support, educational accommodations, and/or medication.

Children and teens are referred for a specific issue. Referrals can be sent to our clinic by physicians and patients will be scheduled to be seen as quickly as possible.

The family doctor or primary care pediatrician is still the main contact for the patient in urgent situations, and remains responsible for all medical care other than the issue for which the patient is referred. The physicians at the Center for Pediatric Excellence will provide regular written updates to the referring doctor and will eventually refer the child/youth back to the referring doctor with recommendations for ongoing management.