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Gilles Charron, Child and Youth Worker

Gilles Charron is a bilingual Child and Youth Counsellor who completed his studies at Cambrian College in Sudbury. He has 43 years of Mental Health experience having worked in a variety of milieus such as CHEO; Royal Ottawa Hospital and Military Family Resource Centre, as well as schools and community mental initiatives. Gilles has assisted in the development many services and programs in response to the struggles that children, youth and their families often encounter.

Working in multiple settings and in particular, having developed and occupied a role as case navigator, Gilles has a unique understanding of how to match available resources to the needs of children, youth and their families. Mental health problems often require a collaborative effort from more than one resource that can address the many challenges families will face. Gilles’ experience allows him to quickly understand those issues and then facilitate a referral to resources that families find to be accessible and appropriate.