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Educational Advocacy

What is an Educational Advocate?

“Advocacy is intervention when needed services are not accessible; are not available; are not appropriate; are not effectively provides; or when the voice of a child is not being heard.”

(Margot D. Herbert and John W. Mould, 1992)[1]

An advocate provides a voice for those not being heard and often helps untangle access to available services.  Let us provide your child or teen with that voice to help access the educational system. Educational Advocates have a unique understanding of the school system and how to navigate it.

Educational Advocates can help parents and families understand the range of school services available to address their child’s or teen’s unique needs, and the processes to follow.  They support and empower families to work with the school system. 

An Educational Advocate works together with the child or teen and the family to determine and develop accommodation recommendations and requests that can be presented to the school.

Educational Advocates can also attend school meetings to support the child/teen/parents to help ensure their voices are heard and their needs are being met. Whether by attending the meeting or helping you to prepare beforehand, an Educational Advocate can help to reduce the stress or intimidation a parent may feel in meeting with school administrators.

Educational advocates have a responsibility to stay current with changes in the education system and other developments that affect children in a school setting.

The ultimate goal is for the child or teen to have success at school.  Let’s work together to find that success!


Our Educational Advocacy Services

To empower you to help fully access all the services in the school system to which your child or teen is entitled, we offer access to an Educational Advocate.

Some examples of our Educational Advocacy services:

  • Helping parents and guardians to understand and navigate the school system and its processes
  • Working with your family to understand the needs of your child/teen and then develop accommodation recommendations and requests that can be presented to the school
  • Helping prepare for school meetings
  • Attending school meetings to ensure that the child’s/teen’s/parent’s voice is heard
  • Offering tips, tools and best practices to work with schools and navigate the education system

The Educational Advocate works with your team at the Center for Pediatric Excellence and our families.

Our aim is always to allow your child/teen to achieve full potential by working with school system to accommodate his or her unique needs.

Please contact us to discuss starting this journey together.

Please note that this service is not considered a “Psychological Service” and may not be eligible for insurance reimbursement.


[1] Herbert, M. D., & Mould, J. W. (1992). The advocacy role in public child welfare. Child Welfare: Journal of Policy, Practice, and Program, 71(2), 114-130, p. 118